Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pedro Camacho. Translations

The new adventure of this Saga and the projects we have in mind needed to open up the English language. We want to achieve a greater openness and to extend this history and those coming beyond the borders of this country and this culture.

Finding the right person to place the confidence for this challenge has been really easy. Pedro Camacho is currently the headmaster of CEIP El Puntal in Bedar, Almeria and the English teacher at the center. Settled for some years in Garrucha (Almería), Pedro Camacho is an author of Fantasy, Fiction and Short Story with several titles to his credit. As if that were not enough to have an English teacher who is also a writer on the task of translating my lines, Pedro is also an old friend, the kind that does not fade with time. There are many old trenches and battle scars that this gentleman and I show together pridely. Translator, friend and writer... Could we ask for more? We can and Pedro offer it: a full understanding of the works, world, characters and essence of this saga, as vast as my own. Few can say they had seen this story germinate and grow from more increasing steps but he can. Few have from my own hand and a thousand late night conversations more information than he. Few, very few have witnessed correction after correction, version after version, outtakes, improvements, additions and changes as my dear old Pedro Camacho. As he joins this venture, it solidifies its way to new horizons. His will to contribute with his knowledge and energy and above all, the great affection he has for these pages not only reassures me but it fills me with a pride hardly explicable. 

Pedro will check the English version of this blog and some other yet to be born, still waiting their time, and he is responsible of our projects in Anglo-Saxon language. I can not be happier for it.
In Soon you learn more about the other facets of Peter.
Welcome aboard the Ghost Galleon, dear friend.

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