Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forget the old. Embrace the new. Charro improves himself.

 I've always thought that you only competes against yourself. That the only height that is worhty to be overtake is your own height. Competitions and comparaisons with others don't please me. I am my own foe and the only one that I pay attention.
 Knowing Javier is of the same thinking makes me confirm the huge and true election of share creative projects.

I give you the compared version of the two Enviado covers. Both are Javier Charro's. Both make me feel deeply proud. Both make me feel admired with his work and talent, but I want to testify the huge evolution of this artist that I'm beholding how he is setting his foundations with an enormous afirmation before my eyes.

         Flor de Jade, Libro I, El Enviado 2009 original cover by Charro.

    Flor de Jade, libro I, El Enviado (e-book version) cover 2011 by Charro

We wanted, conciously, to make a new published cover paper version and it will be so also in the second volume. The same elements. The same idea, but purified, transformed, with a new dimension, in a new stage.

The result speaks by itself and I wanted to share it with you.

Charro gets the most difficult. (With his work as a referent, maybe one of his most laureate works at this moment, from his more appreciated and more satisfying sheets). He puts up a new line and improves himself.

                                              Original look vol 1. paper edition 2009
                                                                        by Charro
                                                           "Say our farwell to the old..."

                                                   Present cover El Enviado 2011
                                                                       by Charro

                                                              "Embrace the new"

                                                     ON FRIDAY 14TH  OCTOBER

Monday, October 10, 2011

This week!!!!!

(The last try of the headings logo for FdJ by Charro)

This week. Just a few days. The final countdown is coming.
"El Enviado" is almost ready to start its way as an e-book.
It's been a team work, full of efforts to improve and a lot of illusion.
Soon, every Spanish reader will be able to access (with cheap prices) to this story, in every corner of teh world. We are full of emotion thanks to this story. Soon, before the month perishes, volumes 2 & 3 will follow, completely remade and totally new.

A e-book reader will be not necessary. Just with your computer or a movile device is enough, using free emulators of Amazon.com and other programs.

The time is now.
Much more soon.
Spread the word. Be our voice.

Sunday, September 18, 2011